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After almost a year, this is the last article from our blog.
The pictures still remains there so you can enjoy them.
Liz is very sad but that's life !!!

A new photoblog is created to replace ours: the name found for that blog is simple
Around Gabriel's World.
For the time being, the blog is still under construction. The first pictures displayed are taken from this blog but we want to put only picture we might be proud of. was a good experience for us as it force us to enhance our technics by shooting whaever we wanted and we liked. With the new's blog, we would like to post only the most interesting pictures taken. All of these pictures will be interesting because of its composition, its colors, the stories told...etc

Hope you will enjoy it.

Thanks for all the visitors who came to visit our blog and remember, this is not the end, this is just the beginning of a new adventure.

Lizhim@ASIA and Gabriel

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